The 12 Most Beautiful Places You Never Knew Existed

From towering heights to underground hideaways, the world is full of secret treasures just waiting to be discovered.

As I stare at my travel journal, I’m amazed with the incredible sights I’ve seen. Take this entry for example:

We headed back to the hotel and prepped some cold weather clothing, then headed out to darker sky areas outside of the city. The first place we drove to was a small parking lot that one of Russell’s friends told us about near a dark marsh. The skies were darker than any we’d seen in a long time and the stars were clearly visible. It was dark, still and pretty silent minus some dogs howling in the distance. We looked out of the car after a while and saw the aurora starting to form again and spent a few hours finding different shots within that little parking lot and near the road.
The northern lights are crazy awesome. I’ve only heard about them and seen images online, but seeing them in person is really impressive. The only way I can describe it is like a laser light show of these glowy fractals that dances and grow across the sky. We saw big bands of green, some that looked like they were showering down, some that were dimmer and painted faint green areas across the sky. They looked like concert lights shining through bands of smoke that lit up the sky.

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